Jubilee hills Clinic

Outpatient facilities:

  • Large Reception area comforting clients/patients while waiting with LCD screen

  • State of art silent zone where our clients can increase their level of concentration Equipped with LCD Screen, Modern relaxation recliner.

  • Biofeedback Instrument – NeXus 10 Mark II is capable of measuring a wide variety of signals simultaneously, such as muscle tension, brainwaves, heart rate, relative blood flow, skin conductance, respiration, temperature and many more.

  • Modern meditation zones

  • 4 individual rooms for counselling

  • Day care facility with beds
  • Entrance
  • Guest Room
  • Consultation Room
  • Reception
  • Reception complete view
  • Relaxation recliner
  • Seating area
  • Silent room
  • Way to consultation rooms

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